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20th Anniversary Happenings
For 20 years we have engaged others in the enjoyment of simple, wholesome ingredients combined and mixed into our line of award-winning specialty food items. In celebration of "20 Years of Good Taste" we will be hosting a variety of events and happenings.

From The Garden to The Kitchen

Horticulture and gardening have always had an inspirational influence on us. Every summer we work with local landscape designer Jacqueline Nooney to create a spectacular theme for the gardens at our headquarters in York, Maine. This summer we will incorporate a living art exhibit with the theme, "From the Garden to the Kitchen". The additional collaboration between George Marshall Store Gallery of York and selected artist will be a true celebration of the senses.

The Garden Is Open

With the official starting of summer, in Maine that means any two consecutive days that reach above 60 degrees, we planted, hung pictures, weeded and got inspired. Now we enjoy and watch as the garden matures throughout the summer. But these gardens are for your enjoyment as well as ours, so we hope you can make it over to our headquarters in York, Maine to enjoy and be inspired by this year's spectacular display.

In honor of our 20th Anniversary celebration we commissioned our garden designer, Jacquelyn Nooney of Jacquelyn Nooney Landscape, Inc. in Eliot, Maine, to work in conjunction with Mary Harding, Curator of the York, Maine, George Marshall Store Gallery. In a collaborative effort of horticulture and art they conceived our vision of "From the Garden to the Kitchen," this year's Stonewall Kitchen garden's theme.

Thirty-nine artists presented work ranging from photography pieces, to large abstract murals, detailed oils and a sculpture. Each piece was photographed and transformed to an outdoor tolerant canvas and then hung on custom designed wrought-iron picture hangers which were placed throughout Stonewall Kitchen's headquarters' gardens. The gardens were then planted to reflect and compliment the various pieces of artwork.

The original art pieces can be viewed at the George Marshall Store Gallery from (Part 1) June 4–July 10 and (Part 2) July 16-August 21.

George Marshall Store Gallery
140 Lindsay Road, York, ME
phone: 207.351.1083
hours: Tuesday–Saturday 10am–5pm & Sunday 1–5pm

Please view our program guide PDF: "From The Garden to The Kitchen" here for more information on the artists and their artwork, and enjoy a selection of Stonewall Kitchen recipes as well.

Our Company Classic Collection

For the past 20 years we have mixed wholesome fruits into jams and spices into sauces, we have spent countless days perfecting our assortment of specialty food offerings to help you create memorable, occasion creating meals. We look back with pride in all that Stonewall Kitchen has accomplished and look forward to all that is next.

We highlighted 20 of our products as Company Classics, because well, they are just that; classics. These products have been with us since the beginning and continue to be our customers' favorites. We've made slight updates to their packaging by printing special 20th Anniversary caps and adding "Company Classics" to the front label. This year's products of the month will all come from our line of Company Classics.

You can get all 20 "classics" in this special gift collection: Company Classics Collection

Wild Maine Blueberry Champagne Jam

What's a celebration without jam!? In honor of our 20th Anniversary we created a limited reserve jam, Wild Maine Blueberry Champagne Jam. A burst of blueberries will entertain your taste buds as the distinct flavor of champagne smoothly enters the celebration. It's a taste from the farmers' market, Vintage 1991.

Come enjoy the Celebration of Good Taste with us! We look forward to these and other special events throughout the summer. Please check back for updates often.

Yours in Good Taste,
Jonathan and Jim