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Hurom Slow Juicers

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Get the maximum benefits and juice out of your fruits and vegetables with this powerful juicer from Hurom. Utilizing a low-speed technology system to crush then press foods for increased yield with minimum waste. Extracted juice is smooth and clear of foam, froth or separation common in other juicers. This juicer has the added benefit of being quiet and compact making it a kitchen tool you can leave right on the counter-top. Self-cleaning mechanism makes it easy to care for, just add water.

Includes screens for both fine and course items, pulp extraction plugs, a self-cleaning screen holder, two 50 -ounce juicing cups, a tamper, a brush and an instruction manual. Available in three different color choices.

Hurom Slow Juicers
  • Hurom Slow Juicers
  • Item # F5183
  • Sale $0.00

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  • Food safe; tested for lead
  • Made in South Korea
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