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Sperm Whale Bamboo

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For centuries the Sperm Whale has intrigued animals lovers, hunters and scientists alike. Possessing the largest brain of any mammal, it was nearly hunted to extinction for its oil. It is also the largest living toothed animal, deepest diving mammal, and loudest sound producing animal. With so much going for it, it's no wonder its graceful shape is ideal for a work of art. These wooden pieces are beautifully colored and crafted from highly sustainable bamboo wood and make a nice addition to living rooms, dens or offices.

Sperm Whale Bamboo
  • Sperm Whale Bamboo
  • Item # 579851
  • $49.95 Sale $29.98

* Sorry, Sperm Whale Bamboo is unavailable.
  • Hand carved and hand painted
  • Made of reclaimed bamboo root
  • Made in Indonesia
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Sperm Whale Bamboo
16'' L x 4 1/2" W' X 8'' H,

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