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Adding little holiday touches to your breakfast, lunch or dinner table is a simple way to bring the spirit of the season into the kitchen or dining room. These are just a couple of examples of quick and easy ways to add a little cheer to your table during this festive time of year.

Candy Cane Place Cards

Surprise family or guests with these adorable place cards. Kids will enjoy helping you make these holiday envelopes that can be filled with silverware, a napkin or as we have done, a candy cane. Write each person’s name on the top letting them know where their special seat is at your holiday table.

you will need

  • two contrasting patterns or colors of craft paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • marker
  • candy cane


  1. Cut two pieces of contrasting paper the same width but make one two inches shorter than the other.
  2. Glue (or staple) the two pieces together creating a pocket or envelope.
  3. When completely dry, write each person’s name on the top, fill with a candy cane, place a napkin inside or slide silverware into the pocket of your place card.

Red Berry Table Setting

Sticking with one color pallet or one theme works well for any table décor and especially at this wonderful time of year. In this case we simply found red berries outside and cut plenty of them. Selecting a red patterned tablecloth, simple red and white dishes, white napkins and white vases for the berries is as easy as one-two-three and we loved the finished look!