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It is always nice to surprise family and friends with a special or new way to identify gifts under the tree. Let each present reflect your personality with these easy to make gift tags. The cut out tags we made are an ideal children’s craft project to help keep them busy and happy this holiday season.

Photo Tags

We loved the look of these vintage style gift tags. And, what could be a more fun way to identify who’s gift is who’s than with a favorite photo on the front! There will be no confusion on Christmas morning with these charming, and very personal tags.

you will need

  • computer
  • printer
  • white or cream colored card stock
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • ribbon
  • small ornaments (optional)


  1. Begin by finding favorite photos of friends and family.
  2. Resize them appropriately and print onto card stock. We found we liked the way these tags looked when printed in black and white but feel free to experiment with color.
  3. Cut the photos out with regular or crimping scissors.
  4. Punch a hole in the corner and string a piece of ribbon through one side, string it through the hanger of a small ornament and tie into a bow on the front.
  5. Tape each tag to the gift.

Scrabble Gift Tags

Perhaps you have an old scrabble game gathering dust on a shelf. If you’re ready to toss it, save the tiles and repurpose them into these super cute gift tags. Or, if you don’t have a scrabble game handy or don’t want to part with yours ... look for these letter tiles in your favorite craft store.

you will need

  • 1" to 2" wide ribbon
  • letters
  • glue
  • yarn or narrow ribbon


  1. Glue the letters onto a one inch ribbon, leaving at least three inches empty on the upper portion of the ribbon.
  2. Let the letters dry thoroughly.
  3. Fold 1" of the top portion of the ribbon back and glue or stitch it so that you have now made a generous loop on the top for the ribbon or yarn.
  4. Feed a piece of ribbon or yarn through the loop and you have a "hard to miss" gift tag ready to go.