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Lots of homes have elegant mirrors or lovely paintings hanging over mantle pieces. While they can be beautiful, it can be fun over the holidays to take down whatever is there now and replace it with a bit of whimsy. We loved these two looks.

Antique Mirror

We found an old window in the attic and brought it back to life by hanging it vertically over the fireplace. We hung a classic wreath and loved the way it looked. Simple and charming.

Chalkboard Message

The chalkboard adds a cheerful message to everyone coming into your home for the holidays and can be personalized any way you would like. Simply purchase the right size chalk at a local office supply store (or you can steal one from the kid’s playroom!). You can use regular chalk or purchase paint chalk. This type of chalk is easier to work with and gives your finished piece a slightly more "professional" look. Select a saying by thinking of a phrase that may have meaning to your family. Think of lyrics of your favorite holiday song or a treasured poem. Use your imagination with decorations. We took a simply 1/2” ribbon and glued it to the edges for a little extra color.