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Enjoy spreading some holiday spirits of a different kind. These fun and imaginative gift ideas are perfect for the adults on your list or for giving to a host of a party or get-together. They’re sure to be appreciated and remembered!

Personalized Wine Bottles

This gift couldn’t be easier. Simply buy your favorite wine and soak the bottle in warm water to remove the label. Then using your computer and adhesive backed labels from Avery, design your personal label and place them carefully on the bottle. Tie a cheerful ribbon on the neck of the bottle and you’ve got a very personal gift everyone will love.

Infused Vodka

"Maceration" may sound like something dangerous, but it's simply what happens when a flavor is steeped into a fluid. If you're using the process to add flavor to your vodka, it's given the much cooler name of "infusion." Vodka distillers have caught onto the craze and if you look on the shelves at the local liquor store you will see Cake Batter Vodka and Marshmallow Vodka to name just a couple. With a well-sealed bottle, vodka and some flavor ingredients, anyone can create their own signature flavored spirit that makes a lovely gift at the holidays.

to make your own flavored vodka you will need

  • vodka: any brand will do
  • flavorings: lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit rind. Fresh pineapple slices, mint, ginger, vanilla beans or even garlic can be interesting. And for the more adventurous, a jalapeno or chili pepper.
  • bottle: any bottle that can be sealed is fine


  1. Insert the flavoring into the bottle and fill the bottle with vodka using a funnel. Make sure the vodka covers the flavoring completely.
  2. Allow the vodka to absorb the flavor by waiting at least a week before sampling or gifting.
  3. If you prefer you can infuse the vodka in a larger batch and then pour it after the liquid has reached the taste level you prefer and then funnel it into individual bottles for gifts.