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Homemade gifts are always the best for teachers and we think these two ideas fit the bill perfectly.

Pencil Holders

Assemble one or more glass containers, some ribbon and pencils, pens or markers. Self-adhesive labels can be made on the computer or by hand. We used Stonewall Kitchen jam jars and they worked perfectly. Simply create a decorative label and place it on the front of the jar, fill it with pencils and tie a red ribbon around the neck of the jar. What a charming and practical gift for your favorite teacher.

Handmade Magnets

Everyone has a place they can use a magnet!

you will need

  • bag of 3/4 inch glass pebbles with flat bottoms, these can be found in the floral section of your local craft store
  • super glue
  • scrapbook paper or old wallpaper
  • heavy duty round magnet


  1. Start by cutting out 3/4" circles out of a selection of pretty papers.
  2. Use super glue to adhere the paper circles to the flat side of the glass accent marbles making sure the printed side is up. Hint: Don't use too much adhesive, or it will ooze out the sides (if it does, just wipe it off).
  3. Make sure there are no air bubbles by pressing the glass down firmly on the image. Let dry for about an hour before adhering the magnet.
  4. Once they are dry, use the same adhesive to adhere the magnets to the flat side. Rub a very thin layer of the adhesive on the magnet and place the glass pebble on top
  5. You can package your magnet sets on a piece of stock paper that has round flat washers attached to it and then place in a clear plastic bag.