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High Pressure Boiler Operator (2nd Shift)

2nd Shift: Monday through Friday, 3pm - 11:30pm

Operate and maintain the high pressure boilers and associated systems to make sure they meet the facility demands for production and heat. Follow and maintain appropriate logs to meet all State of Maine requirements and industry standards for safe boiler operation, monitoring and record keeping.

Specific Responsibilities Include:
  • Operate and maintain the boilers to make sure they are reliable and efficient to meet the facility demand for production and heat
  • Operate and maintain the steam delivery system to the end use points to make sure delivery is consistent and reliable
  • Operate and maintain the condensate return system to make sure the return is consistent and reliable
  • Operate and maintain the boiler chemical treatment system. Conduct and record the appropriate water quality tests. Make appropriate chemical adjustments as needed to maintain the proper concentrations of treatment chemicals to protect the boiler operation
  • Maintain all preventative maintenance programs associated with the boiler operation systems
  • Maintain and record all safety device checks with boilers, steam supply system and condensate return system
  • Maintain all inspections and licenses required by the State of Maine for all factory pressure vessels (Air Compressor Tank, DA Tank, Boilers, etc.)
  • Operate and maintain the factory air compressors to make sure they meet the facility demand
  • Maintain all preventative maintenance programs associated with the air compressor operation systems
  • Operate and maintain the office heat exchange system to make sure it meets the office demand during heating season
  • Maintain the boiler room and the air compressor/utility room to make sure they meet good housekeeping practices, food safety practices and safety

Education, Experience, and Skills:
  • Must have appropriate State of Maine Boiler License to operate a high pressure boiler
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years experience
How To Apply
Please submit a resume or application, along with salary requirements to:

Stonewall Kitchen
2 Stonewall Lane
York, ME 03909
Attn: Human Resources
Fax: 207.351.1547
Email: jamminjobs@stonewallkitchen.com

Our Employment Application can be downloaded here.

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