Our Dipping Mustard Collection

Our Dipping Mustard Collection

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This trio of zesty mustard dips is simply a must-have for anyone who enjoys snacking at its best. Made with wonderfully unique combinations of bold and flavorful ingredients, they're perfect for enjoying with pretzels while watching the big game, serving to guests with grilled shrimp or chicken or getting creative with your favorite recipes in the kitchen. No matter how you dip it, you'll love their smooth texture and robust, multilayered taste.
  • Includes three different mustard dips
  • Plenty of big, bold flavor
  • Enjoy with pretzels, grilled goodies or use them in recipes


Honey Mustard Dip (9 oz.), Horseradish Bacon Mustard Dip (8.75 oz.), Sriracha Honey Mustard Dip (8.75 oz.)