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January 5, 2012
   Sheri Tripp, Marketing Manager

Stonewall Kitchen Launches Sustainability Program

York, Maine — Award-winning specialty food manufacturer, Stonewall Kitchen has adopted a "zero-waste" program for its York Headquarters, Cooking School and Café.

By using a combination of single sort recycling and composting, employees dispose items into designated containers that are sent to select dumpsters that recycle plastic, metal and paper goods. Food-waste is also sorted and bagged separately for local compost initiatives such as fertilizer for local landscapers and farms.

"With just a few adjustments, we've increased our recycling and now send very little to the landfill dumpster," said Marcel Miranda, Facilities Coordinator. "Our Cooking School now produces half a bag of trash versus the three bags of trash produced per class before the program started. The Café has also reduced the amount they send to the dumpster by about 60%."

To implement the program, internal department communications and visual signage was placed throughout the organization.

"Employees have been very receptive," said Miranda. "They see the value of participating in an environmentally focused program."