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Strawberry Apple Rhubarb Dessert Quesadillas
Made with our Strawberry Apple Rhubarb Jam.
Thyme Scented Roasted Tomato Tart
Made with our Roasted Garlic Mustard.
Three Citrus Cheesecake
Made with our Tangerine Marmalade.
Lemon Cloud Pie with Blueberry Sauce
Made with our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam.
Apple & Sour Cream Pie
Made with our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam.
Strawberry Lemon Cream Pie
Made with our Lemon Curd.
Maple Pumpkin Cannoli
Made with our Maple Pumpkin Butter.
Raspberry Flaky Puff
Made with our Red Raspberry Jam.
Raspberry Fruit Tart
Made with our Seedless Raspberry Jam.
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Pie
Made with our Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce, Creamy Peanut Butter, Pure Vanilla Extract.