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Pat Bagg
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Pat Bagg

Pat Bagg

Maine Foodie Tours

Pat has been a true “foodie” all her life and is now thoroughly enjoying the chance to share her knowledge while walking the streets of her own neighborhood. She was professionally trained in French cooking and baking at the Peter Kump cooking school in NYC before creating her first business, “Fetes Accomplies”, in Central Massachusetts. Her catering company specialized in gourmet and everyday French cooking with exclusive long-term contracts with businesses such as the Worcester Art Museum. While owning and operating the catering business for ten years, Pat also founded “Special Teas” shops in Central Massachusetts. Realizing she enjoyed sharing all that she was learning, Pat also began teaching cooking classes, originally in Whittinsville, MA, and now out of her home in Portland, ME. Pat offers hands on instruction to small groups in her comfortable home kitchen and participants love her instruction, patience and attention to detail. When not at work, Pat has traveled extensively to study world cuisines, and she has enjoyed training in France, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco and Turkey.

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