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Bow Head Whale Bamboo

This Bow Head Whale is hand-carved from bamboo and makes a nice decorative statement. The bow head whale lives in arctic and sub-arctic waters and does not migrate to warmer waters to feed or reproduce as other whales do. The bow head whale is known to be the longest living mammal and has the largest mouth of any other animal. These wooden pieces are beautifully colored and crafted from highly sustainable bamboo wood which is known to grow several feet in one day.


Limited Quantity available

Bow Head Whale Bamboo
  • Bow Head Whale Bamboo
  • Item: 579849
  • $54.95
  • Hand Carved and Hand Painted
  • Reclaimed Bamboo Root
  • Made in Indonesia
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Bow Head Whale Bamboo
L 16'' x W 4.5'' x H 12'',

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