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Wild Maine Blueberry Tea


These special signature blends of tea were created exclusively for us by the purveyors of the world's finest tea, The Republic of Tea. Our fruit teas were inspired by our own Stonewall Kitchen jams and marmalades. Tiny Maine blueberries are noted to have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any fruit. Brew a delicious cup of hot tea and enjoy the benefits of a nutritious and flavorful pick-me-up, morning afternoon or evening.

Wild Maine Blueberry Tea
  • Wild Maine Blueberry Tea
  • Item # 551626, 2.8 oz
  • $9.95

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  • 50 tea bags per can
  • Made in USA
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fine black tea and natural blueberry flavor

This is an excellent and unique tea. The combination of black tea and blueberry is a refreshing mix. In addition, the blueberry is natural-tasting as opposed to other teas that have a faux-blueberry, candy flavor. Overall, the black tea makes all the difference...such a better mix than blueberry and green tea.

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