About Us

Over 30 years ago, Deborah and Bruce Michel launched Michel Design Works, featuring beautiful paper gifts, such as photo albums, journals, and stationery and from the beginning, we believed that our packaging was just as important as the gift itself. Inspired by her lifelong love of nature, Deborah developed her own unique style of layering and often recoloring multiple antique images into one cohesive piece of art creating a stunning, often whimsical look that is always recognizable.

Michel Design Works then began to expand into the world of personal care products and home fragrances as Deborah began to explore her passion for fragrances. Preserving our brand’s reputation for affordable luxury, we sought out the premier soap makers and fragrance houses in the world to provide our customers with top quality triple-milled soaps. Next came lotions and then bubble baths. As we grew, we experienced a kind of customer excitement and loyalty that we never witnessed with our paper products. They loved our creative, luxurious, yet reasonably priced items. We continued to develop new products and collections while our brand and reputation continued to grow. Eventually, we began to receive requests from boutiques around the world, and, of course, we happily obliged. We have continued to expand product categories and collections to the delight of our ever-growing customer base. While we’ve stayed true to our roots and are still headquartered in the charming town of Katonah, NY, Michel Design Works is now a global brand.

Our Logo

Our elephant logo perfectly encompasses the story of Michel Design Works. While elephants are known for their legendary memories, which tied in perfectly with our keepsake books, they also symbolize stability and wisdom, which has helped us build a successful business. We purposely created an elephant with an upturned trunk as it signifies good luck, something everyone would like to bring into their home.