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Christmas is getting closer and it is the ideal time to start thinking about a centerpiece for your holiday table. Making your own centerpieces is a fun activity and can be really simple with these two unique ideas.

Wreath with Candles

This one couldn’t be easier. Simply purchase a small wreath either already decorated or decorate it yourself to coordinate with your décor. Select a small plate and cut a 1/2 inch thick ring of floral oasis the same size as the plate. Place the oasis on the plate and use regular tape to attach it to the plate. Place the plate in the center of your table and lay the wreath over the plate leaving the oasis showing in the center. Insert 6 inch tapers into the oasis. You can cover the oasis with cut greens or berries if you wish.

Candy Flower Vase

Find a glass pedestal or regular vase of at least 8 inches in diameter. Find a second vase that is just about 1/2 inch smaller in diameter than the outside, initial vase. Insert the smaller vase or glass container into the larger vase. Fill the interior vase about half way with water.

Fill the empty space between the two glass vases with hard holiday candy of any kind. Use your imagination and create a pattern with whatever sort of hard candy you choose. Then arrange flowers as you normally would, being careful to not allow any water to get into the candy exterior.