A Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

A Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

May 10th, 2019 • York, Maine
Written by: Matt Robertson, Marketing Manager

Do you know what moms really want on Mother’s Day? A day off. No cooking, no cleaning, no er-rands. And it all starts when your first kid wakes up, because mom’s sleeping in!

The key to delivering a great Mother’s Day starts with breakfast in bed, and you can never (ever) go wrong with pancakes. Get the kids involved, add some flowers, fresh cut fruit, some coffee and voila! You have a very special breakfast for your very special someone.

Let me start by saying this: if you plan on having your kids (in my case toddlers) help make this gourmet breakfast then your prep and cook time doubles because, as you know, they will want to help with every little step. Matter of fact, your clean-up time doubles too because, well, kids are messy. And no, they don’t help with clean-up. That’s all you! But hey, it’s Mother’s Day…

Now, let’s get into it! Instead of traditional pancakes, I love making these silver-dollar sized pancakes. I grew up with these, and there’s just something about throwing a whole bunch on your plate and being able to stuff a full pancake in your mouth in one bite. Maybe even two or three!

To mix things up, try a few different flavors and layer them with various jams and toppings. I always include the classic farmhouse with butter and warm maple syrup which, for the record, is still my favorite. But beyond that, the possibilities are endless! Chocolate-covered strawberry pancakes, anyone? The combinations here are the beginning. Try these, or come up with your own creations. That’s the fun of it!

PS: These photos and videos are professionally produced. If yours turn out looking like this, you and I both know your kids didn’t actually help…


Matt Robertson • Marketing Manager

Matthew joined the Stonewall Kitchen team in the summer of 2018 after moving north from Boston, MA. When he’s not chasing his two daughters around, he enjoys playing hockey, grilling and being on the lake. Matthew’s favorite Stonewall Kitchen product is Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix, which he makes for his family every Sunday.