Don’t forget the cherry on top!

Don’t forget the cherry on top!

July 16th, 2019 • York, Maine
Written by: Margaux Maertens, Communications Specialist

It’s every kid’s dream to indulge in a delicious ice cream sundae for breakfast. The perfect summer treat, sundaes are the most fun when you can individualized your own bowl! We’ve always known that Stonewall Kitchen products make the best toppings but we wanted to get a brutally honest opinion. Cue 5-year old, Charlotte and 4-year old, Caroline!

The truth is, kids volunteer their honest opinions to just about anything which makes them the perfect candidates for food critiquing. These two waltzed right into our headquarters ready for their unconventional breakfast!

Before diving in, let’s introduce you a bit more to the experts. Caroline (right) and Charlotte (left) are not only sisters but best friends and daughters of our Recipe Development Specialist, Stephanie. Spending time with these girls, I could tell that Caroline looks up to her older sister and Charlotte is without a doubt, a great role model. Out of the two, Charlotte is definitely the comedian and Caroline, the observer. When asked what they wanted to do when they grew up, Charlotte said she wanted to have a house filled with purple kitties and Caroline wants to have her own home with purple and blue puppies. Wherever they end up living, they assured us that they will have plenty of space for these dreams to come true!

We made a deal with the girls: they can devour as much ice cream as they want as long as they have fun and answer a few questions.

“You ready?” I asked. I got a giggle out of Caroline and no answer from Charlotte as she was already diving into the cherries … who can blame her?

So here you go, Q&A with sundae experts…

Question: Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Charlotte: “This is my breakfast.” She stated this very matter-of-factly.
Caroline: “I had cereal this morning.” After asking her what kind of cereal she had, she said something sugary. Sorry Steph!

Question: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Charlotte: “Vanilla.”
Caroline: “M ‘n M.”

I asked the two of them if they eat a lot of ice cream at home. Charlotte without ANY hesitation looked right at her mom, pointed at her and said “No! She eats it all!”

… Seems like this is something the kids will have to set straight when they get home!

Question: If you could make a new ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would you call it?
Charlotte: “Vanilla ice cream with all the colors. I’d call it Rainbow.”
Caroline: “Blueberry Ice Cream … yeah, yum!”

Question: What’s your favorite topping so far?
Charlotte and Caroline: “Sprinkles!”

Question: Ok. What about any Stonewall Kitchen products for toppings?
Charlotte: “Oh! The chocolate sauce.”
Caroline: “Cherries.”

Question:If the big boss came into this room and asked you what product Stonewall Kitchen should make next, what would it be?
Charlotte: “Chocolate cupcakes that looked like rainbows.” She’s all about the rainbows these days.
Caroline: “Chocolate chip muffins, please!”

Question: Talking about Stonewall Kitchen products, what’s your favorite one?
Now, this answer was very surprising to us but further proves that these girls have quite the specialty foods expertise… Charlotte and Caroline: “Truffle Aioli!”

I looked at Stephanie for confirmation and she said it was true! Veggies, chicken nuggets, on their sandwich, you name it! They put the Truffle Aioli on everything!

The girls finished their sundae creations and they were ready to eat!

Question: What do you think? Are those ice cream sundaes for us?
Charlotte: “Noooo! We came here to make these for us. Not you! You need to make your own.”

With whipped cream on their noses, caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled all over their ice cream and a cherry on top, they were finally ready to eat dessert for breakfast! After comparing each other’s creations, both girls gave the sundaes a nod of approval.

Well there you have it! If you’re looking for a fun (and delicious!) summer treat for kids of all ages, these experts gave ice cream sundaes featuring Stonewall Kitchen a big A+.

Happy Summer from Charlotte, Caroline & your friends at Stonewall Kitchen!

Margaux Maertens • Communications Specialist

Margaux joined the Stonewall Kitchen family two years ago as the Events and Marketing Coordinator for Stonewall Kitchen where she flipped pancakes at the annual Pancake Breakfast and decorated pumpkins during the Halloween festivities! Margaux became Stonewall Kitchen’s Communications Specialist in February of 2018 and is loving every minute of it.