Holiday Decorating

Campus Holiday Decorating

December 7th, 2018 • York, Maine
Written by: Matt Robertson, Marketing Manager

What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season? The gifts? The food? The music?

I actually think if you asked me this question five years ago, my answer would be completely different than it is today. And five years before that would have also been different.

When you’re a kid it’s easy, right? The gifts! The awe of waking up and seeing them stacked underneath the tree. Then, when you have kids of your own, it all comes full circle. At least for me it has.

Today if you asked me what my favorite thing about the holiday season is, my response would be the feeling. I know…very specific, right? Anyone out there who truly loves this season knows what I’m talking about. It’s not any one physical thing. It’s the nostalgia and memories I have as a kid around this time, and getting to relive that excitement with my own kids. It’s seeing family. And, the decorating!

I’m relatively new to Stonewall Kitchen. In the five months I have been here, I’ve recognized many qualities that make this place special. One of them, and perhaps the most anticipated, is the annual holiday decorating day. Each year, a few days before Thanksgiving, the team spends half the day decking the halls and celebrating the feeling that is the holidays. Having just experienced this tradition for the first time, I now see why many people here call this the best “work” day of the year.

Cue the holiday music (which was cranked on high).

Garland on every door, wreaths on every window and oh, I don’t know, maybe two dozen spruce trees of varying sizes all lit up to bring that holiday feeling to life for our guests. The feature, however, has to be the lobster trap tree. It’s our way of incorporating that Maine coastal charm into this experience, like we do with many of the products we sell.

Following the festivities was a full course feast. Our conference rooms were transformed with festive décor and trays upon trays of family-style dishes were laid out. A short toast was given by our Executive Vice President, then we dug in to our overloaded plates. We cleaned up, wished each other a Happy Thanksgiving, then all went home for an early release.

Let me just point one thing out. Like any retail or online company, this is the busiest time of year for Stonewall Kitchen. The fact that we dedicate a full day (three days before Black Friday) away from our desks to honor this tradition sheds some light on the culture here at Stonewall Kitchen. I hope our guests enjoy the décor as much I enjoyed putting it up. And if you’re ever near York, please visit us!

Matt Robertson • Marketing Manager

Matthew joined the Stonewall Kitchen team in the summer of 2018 after moving north from Boston, MA. When he’s not chasing his two daughters around, he enjoys playing hockey, grilling and being on the lake. Matthew’s favorite Stonewall Kitchen product is Farmhouse Pancake & Waffle Mix, which he makes for his family every Sunday.