Virtual Book Club, anyone?

Virtual Book Club, anyone?

March 20th, 2020 • York, Maine
Written by: Tori Kendrew, Photo Stylist

Raise your hand if you’ve been spending a little more time at home than usual these past few weeks. *Hand raised*. When your Netflix queue is depleted and the endless Instagram scroll has you seeing double, you know it’s time to crack open a fresh book and take a deep dive into another world.

You might be asking where to start, how to know which books are totally binge-worthy. Look no further, I’ve done the research for you, AKA read a lot of good books! I’d say my reading style goes something like…thriller, thriller, thriller, romance, thriller, thriller. Can anyone relate? I always gravitate towards a juicy mystery but like to break it up with a lil love every now and then.

Below, I’ve compiled my top 10 reads for you to revel in. You may be wondering how exactly to enjoy these when your local library is likely closed. I’m so glad you asked! Along with Ebooks and online ordering, I like to frequent my neighborhood Little Free Library. Their website provides a map with locations so you can find one close to you, too. Since the Little Free Library depends on what other people drop off, it’s a fun little surprise and may have something you didn’t even know you wanted! Now, onto the good stuff:

  1. Before She Knew Him | Peter Swanson
    Hen and Loyd have a quiet life outside of Boston, MA (love that it’s local to me!). That’s until they meet their neighbors and Hen finds evidence she thinks connects Matthew next door to an unsolved murder from years before. Is she going crazy or did she solve a mystery no one else has been able to? This was my first book of Peter Swanson’s but it won’t be my last! This one moved quickly and had some great twists!

  2. Bring Me Back | B.A. Paris
    Finn and Layla were in love. Then she goes missing and he moves on. But was it all that simple? A world of secrets remain and reveal an ending I wasn’t expecting! This is just one of the books by this author that I would recommend. If you end up reading and liking it, I would definitely check out Paris’ others!

  3. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine | Gail Honeyman
    Quirky Eleanor struggles with appropriate social skills and tends to say exactly what’s on her mind. She prefers her structured life of frozen pizza and calls with Mummy. That’s until Raymond and Sammy fall into her life. She learns that friendship, and even love, are things she wants and deserves. Eleanor’s character was relatable and unique, this one’s a feel good read!

  4. Girls Like Us | Cristina Alger
    When FBI agent Nell Flynn’s father tragically dies in an accident, she returns home after being away for 10 years. While home, she becomes involved in the investigation of two murders in her county. The more she finds out about the cases, the more the facts point to her father as the prime suspect. This one was a one-day-read for me, it was THAT good!

  5. Long Bright River | Liz Moore
    Mickey and Kacey are sisters that followed two different life paths in their Philadelphia neighborhood. This gripping story involves addiction, family and fate and moves along in a fast-paced suspenseful way that makes it a total page-turner. Don’t let its almost 500 pages deter you, this one flew by!

  6. One Day In December | Josie Silver
    Laurie sees her dream guy from the bus and thinks it’s fate that they’ll cross paths again. Too bad that “again” is when her best friend, Sarah, introduces him, Jack, as her new boyfriend! This one made you want to laugh and cry and realize that things don’t always go how you wanted them to, but in the end they work out how they should. A cute read!

  7. Something In The Water | Catherine Steadman
    Erin and Mark make a shocking discovery in the water on their dream honeymoon. This discovery is the catalyst for a chain of events that will change their lives forever. I can assure you that the first few pages will have you hooked!

  8. The Night Before | Wendy Walker
    Troubled Laura suddenly moves back in with her sister Rosie. When Laura decides to go on an online blind date and doesn’t return, Rosie isn’t nervous about what her date might have done to Laura, but what Laura might have done to him. In a world of online-dating, this one really grabbed my attention! This was a super fast read that had you guessing the whole time.

  9. The Other Woman | Sandie Jones
    Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother, Pammie. How far will Pammie go to have Emily gone forever? If you think you get the gist of what will happen from this short synopsis, you are so wrong! Trust me, the ending is something you never saw coming!

  10. The Wives | Tarryn Fisher
    Thursday’s husband, Seth, has two other wives. Thursday has never met them and knows little about them. That’s until she finds something is Seth’s pocket that changes everything and makes it so she can no longer live without knowing. This one is twisty and really has you going back and forth in your head until the end!

Now, grab a snack (may we suggest some Stonewall Kitchen goodies?), curl up on the couch and tuck into one of these page-turning reads! Remember that we are all in this uncertain time together and I hope this list will bring you just a little bit of joy.

Happy reading!

Tori Kendrew • Photo Stylist

Tori joined the Stonewall Kitchen team in June of 2019 as the in-house Photo Stylist. Outside of work she loves to run, read, take care of her ever-growing plant collection and explore her Newburyport neighborhood. Her favorite Stonewall Kitchen product is Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, because you can’t go wrong with a classic!