Mix & Match Candles

December 17, 2021 York, Maine

Mix & Match Candles

As the sun starts to set earlier and twinkling lights begin appearing on houses, this is my sign that its candle season. Though I burn candles year-round, this is the time of year where I have a candle burning in almost every room. The flickering flames bring a nice sense of coziness to the dark, chilly nights. During this season, I like to experiment and try burning some of our different Village Candle fragrances together. It’s a fun way to see what smells good together and can even inspire new fragrance ideas for our product development team! Here are some candle combinations that I’ve come to love burning during the winter:

Wild Maine Blueberry, Maple Butter & Coffee Bean

When imagining these scents together, envision a Maine blueberry pancake brunch – you could be cooking it yourself or getting it delivered as breakfast in bed. Personally, brunch is one of my favorite meals, and anything I can do to make my house smell like breakfast food is a bonus. I burn Wild Maine Blueberry and Maple Butter together in the same room, creating an aroma of fresh blueberry pancakes drizzled in maple syrup – while I put Coffee Bean in a different room, so it complements the smell of fresh pancakes. This is a must-try for breakfast-lovers!

Wild Maine Blueberry Maple Butter Coffee Bean

Chai Tea Latte & Spiced Vanilla Apple

A combination for ultimate coziness, Chai Tea Latte, and Spiced Vanilla Apple both have beautiful warming spices. These candles create a spicy gourmand fragrance that exudes comfort with notes of cinnamon, chai, and vanilla. The best way to enjoy these fragrances? Fireside with a cup of tea and curled up your favorite book (or holiday movie if you prefer).

Chai Tea Latte Spiced Vanilla Apple

Sugar Plum & Here Comes Santa

I love how scents bring back memories and that’s exactly what these candles do – whether it’s the holidays or not, these candles spark memories of my favorite holiday traditions. Growing up my family would make a wreath every year to adorn our front door. As my dad was baking sweets in the kitchen, we’d create a mess on our dining room table of fragrant cypress and trimmings from our freshly cut Christmas tree while trying to make the perfect wreath.

Here Comes Santa brings cypress and woody notes, while Sugar Plum dazzles with sweet, sugared berries – an unexpected pairing that you’ll love. When I’m looking for a comforting fragrance blend on these chilly winter days, I pull these two candles out to remind me of those days spent making wreaths and eating mixed berry pies with my family.

Sugar Plum Here Comes Santa

Balsam Fir & Red Hot Cinnamon

Balsam Fir and Red Hot Cinnamon is my go-to candle pairing during the holiday season. Our Village Candle Balsam Fir candle is a classic and though it is beautiful by itself, adding in a spiced candle creates a delightfully festive spiced fir fragrance. Red Hot Cinnamon is my favorite to pair with Balsam Fir because I love cinnamon, but you can pick any of our spiced scents. Christmas Spice, Cinnamon Spice, or even Orange Cinnamon are just a few great scent options.

Balsam Fir Red Hot Cinnamon

Christmas Spice & Citrus Twist

For this pairing, it’s all about the classics with a twist. An ode to the holiday tradition of stuffing stockings with Christmas oranges, I enjoy burning Citrus Twist with our classic holiday fragrance Christmas Spice. Fresh notes of tangerine and lemon peel create a delightful balance alongside inviting notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, a festive fragrance combination that even the worst Scrooge would enjoy!

Christmas Spice Citrus Twist

Now it’s your turn to mix-and-match your candles! Try out any of the above or make your own, we’d love to hear your favorite combos. Share with us on Instagram or Facebook!

Sarah Robinson Digital Marketing Manager

Sarah has been with the Stonewall Kitchen family of brands since January 2018. Originally from Village Candle, she now works on digital marketing for the entire family of brands. Outside of work she loves paddle boarding, spending time with her pets and trying out all the local restaurants. Some of her favorite products include Holiday Jam, Village Candle Apples & Evergreen, and as an avid popcorn snacker she loves the Urban Accents Popcorn Seasonings.