Simple Ways To Bring Happiness To Every Room In Your Home

March 28, 2020 York, Maine

Written by: Tori Kendrew, Photo Stylist

A mini room refresh may be easier than you think! Forget the trips to the hardware store or the Pinterest projects that never look quite like the photo when you’re finished. These four easy additions to each room in your house will make you smile big while staying within your budget.

Kitchen: Fresh Flowers

Grab a bunch of your favorite blooms and arrange them in a jar or vase to bring life and color to your kitchen space. I love tulips, daisies and sunflowers. Look for varieties in your favorite hue, that match your décor or add an unexpected pop of color.

Living Room: Scented Candle

Our Fine Home Keeping line of products offers beautifully scented candles that add a bit of aromatherapy to your living space. I recommend the Lemon Parsley scent if you are looking for something fresh and citrus-y. You can find the one that brings you the most joy here.

Bedroom: Positive Affirmations

What better way to start and end the day than with a little positivity? When you find a quote that resonates with you, write it down and put it in a spot that you will see daily. It’s an instant mood boost!

Bathroom: Eucalyptus

Want to go to the spa in the comfort of your own home? Simply purchase fresh eucalyptus, use a rubber band to secure the stems to your shower head and let the hot water run. The steam from the shower will release the fragrance of the eucalyptus and create a spa-like feeling in your bathroom.

I encourage you to try one or all of these tips if you need a little extra happiness in your day. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money or effort to enhance and refresh your space. I always want to love where I live and I hope these easy additions will help you achieve that, too!

Tori Kendrew Photo Stylist

Tori joined the Stonewall Kitchen team in June of 2019 as the in-house Photo Stylist. Outside of work she loves to run, read, take care of her ever-growing plant collection and explore her Newburyport neighborhood. Her favorite Stonewall Kitchen product is Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, because you can’t go wrong with a classic!