Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands Announces Launch of New Products for July 2021


July 12, 2021

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Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands Announces Launch of New Products for July 2021

Crunchy snacks, a Vermont Village sipping vinegar and citronella candles from Stonewall Home and Village Candle headline launch.

York, Maine, July 1, 2021 – Award-winning specialty food and home goods producer Stonewall Kitchen announces its July 2021 Product Launch. With summer in full swing, this launch has outdoor entertaining and essentials in mind, including a new Hawaiian Grille Sauce and a Smoky & Spicy Wing Sauce under the Stonewall Kitchen brand; Muffuletta Olive Salad for Tillen Farms; Avocado Oil & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend from Napa Valley Naturals; and so much more.


“With any new product launch, the Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands remains committed to developing innovative and delicious flavors using only the best ingredients,” Vice President of Marketing and DTC Sales, Janine Somers said. “With people getting together again and entertaining, we have seen the upward trend of charcuterie boards and ‘snacking at home’ themes which is what inspired our new line of crackers and crisps, including our Jalapeño Cheddar Crisps that capture the growing popularity of spice and heat in the kitchen. The same can be said for our new Carolina Reaper Salsa.”


The Legal Sea Foods partnership expands with a Scampi Sauce, while the Montebello line adds Egg Nest Pasta to the mix through both pappardelle and tagliatelle. For the ‘snackers’ needing a sweeter option, Stonewall Kitchen has also added a variety of biscotti crisps with flavors such as Chocolate Cherry Almond, Hazelnut Fig and Blueberry Almond.


“Our new olive oil is a combination of our Avocado Oil and Organic Olive Oil, taking the best of both, mellowing out the traditional olive oil taste and creating the perfect multi-purpose tool for the kitchen,” Somers said. “Furthermore, this launch kept in mind the ability to pair our products together, whether new or existing, such as this new olive oil with our new Sea Salt Grilled Crostini Toasts or the Jalapeño Cheddar Crips adding an additional kick to our queso line.”


Stonewall Kitchen is also releasing a lineup of seasonal products with fall and the holidays in mind, including fragrances such as a Mulled Cider candle, hand soap and lotion from the Fine Home Keeping collection and a Village Candle lineup of Sugar Plum, Apples & Cinnamon, Chai Latte and more.


“Whether you’re planning for the holidays or looking for the perfect seasonal item to help accentuate your home, we have exciting new Village Candle items as well as in our Fine Home Keeping and Stonewall Home lines,” Somers said. “Our new line of citronella candles makes those backyard gatherings even more enjoyable through rich fragrances like cedarwood, lemon cedar and summer nights. Once we move into cooler weather, you’ll love our new Mulled Cider and Cranberry Harvest Fine Home Keeping collections to create the perfect cozy setting!”


The July 2021 Product Launch Includes:


·      Stonewall Kitchen: Lemon Ginger Marmalade, Golden Balsamic Dressing, Hawaiian Grille Sauce, Smoky & Spicy Wing Sauce, Dark Chocolate Torte (flourless), Carolina Reaper Salsa, Biscotti Crisps, Sea Salt Grilled Crostini Toasts, Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Crackers, (the return of our) Fra Diavolo Sauce, American Chili Mac

·      Fine Home Keeping: Mulled Cider (Soy Candle, Hand Soap, Hand Lotion), Cranberry Harvest Hand Soap, Deck the Halls Hand Soap, Sugar Plum Hand Soap

·      Stonewall Home: Cranberry Clove (Seasonal), White Jasmine Citronella Tin, Eventide Citronella Tin, Cedarwood Citronella Tin

·      Village Candle: Wild Main Blueberry, Creamy Vanilla Traditions Mini Votive, Summer Slices Traditions Votive, Orange Cinnamon Traditions Mini Votive, Tangerine Dreams Fresh Air, Almond Sugar Cookie Fresh Air, Fresh Laundry Fresh Air, Bamboo Garden Citronella, Summer Nights Citronella, Lemon Cedar Citronella. Seasonal: Sugar Plum, Trim the Tree, Candy Cauldron, Chai Tea Latte, Frosted Lavender, Mulled Cider Petite, Christmas Tree Petite, Apples & Cinnamon Petite, Winter Clementine Petite, Christmas Spice Petite, Spiced Vanilla Apple Petite

·      Tillen Farms: Muffuletta (olive salad),

·      Vermont Village: Spicy Honey Lemon Sipping Vinegar

·      Napa Valley Naturals: Avocado Oil & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend

·      Legal Sea Foods: Scampi Sauce

·      Montebello: Egg Nest Pasta (Pappardelle and Tagliatelle)

About Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen is a leading specialty food and home goods producer headquartered in York, Maine. Founded in 1991 by partners Jonathan King and Jim Stott, the two established the Stonewall Kitchen brand by selling jams and jellies at local farmers’ markets with a flavorful line of distinctive and high-quality products. Over time, they expanded the brand to include sauces, condiments, crackers and baking mixes, always focusing on innovative product development, beautiful packaging, and exceptional guest service. Today, Stonewall Kitchen is the premier specialty food and home goods platform in North America, home to a family of premium quality brands including the flagship Stonewall Kitchen brand; the Vermont Coffee Company brand of high quality, non-GMO, certified organic coffee; the Urban Accents brand of globally-inspired spice mixes, seasonings, and sauces; the Village Candle brand of fragranced candles, gifts and accessories; the Tillen Farms brand of pickled vegetables and cocktail cherries; the Napa Valley Naturals brand of olive oils, culinary oils, balsamic vinegars and wine vinegars; the Montebello brand of artisan organic pasta imported from Italy; the Vermont Village brand of organic apple sauce and apple cider vinegars; and the Legal Sea Foods brand of restaurant-quality seafood sauces and condiments. The company boasts more than 8,700 stores nationwide and internationally; a thriving catalog and online division; a cooking school and café in York, Maine; and eleven retail Company Stores throughout New England. As winners of 34 prestigious awards from the Specialty Food Association and the recipient of the coveted Outstanding Product Line Honors three times, Stonewall Kitchen is proud to be one of the most awarded specialty food companies in the country.


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