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What are
Farmhouse Flavors?

As much as we love to innovate in the kitchen, we also know that there are some classics you just don't need to mess with; they stand on their own. That's what our line of Farmhouse Flavors is all about: timeless recipes done better.

Whether you're sitting down to a hearty family breakfast or sipping a quiet cup of coffee at day's end, these favorites are sure to transform your moments into occasions to remember.

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breakfast classics.

There's something undeniably special about a piping hot plate of pancakes or waffles straight from the griddle. Topped with a generous pat of butter and a splash of real maple syrup (or two, or three—who's keeping track?), and you've got the quintessential farmhouse breakfast.

Our Farmhouse breakfast classics are the perfect way to start your day - whether you're hitting the road on your morning commute, gearing up for a day of hard labor, or easing into a cozy Saturday around the house.

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Classic condiments

Time and time again, when we open the fridge to pull together a quick sandwich, top an afternoon burger, or liven up a weekend cheese plate, we reach for one of these tried-and-true favorites.

From Farmhouse Mayo and classic Farmhouse Green Relish to our kicked-up Farmhouse Red Relish and delightfully complex Old Farmhouse Chutney, these condiments are the perfect finishing touch to whatever you're plating up.

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