Chef Bio: Krisztina Perron

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About chef krisztina perron

Krisztina’s love for cooking began at an early age. As the daughter of restaurant owners who immigrated from Hungary, she practically grew up in the kitchen, learning the recipes and traditions of her family’s culture. To turn her passion into a profession, Krisztina enrolled in a fast-track program at Johnson & Wales University, earning a degree in culinary arts. Following graduation, Krisztina rolled up her sleeves and got to work, taking jobs in fine dining establishments and banquet halls at high-end hotels and country clubs. In 2013, she opened The Wooden Spoon Catering Company in Amesbury, Massachusetts, and has since carved out a successful career in catering, even winning the “Couples’ Choice Award?” three times from A licensed vocational teacher, Krisztina also leads public cooking classes throughout New England, happily sharing her knowledge about international cuisine with the next generation of culinary professionals.

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