What Makes Stonewall Kitchen Special

At Stonewall Kitchen, creating fine foods and quality home goods is so much more than just business—it's our lifelong passion. Here's what that means to us:

Industry Recognition

Stonewall Kitchen is one of the most awarded specialty food producers in the country and home to an exceptional family of lifestyle brands. We hold numerous awards from the Specialty Food Association and have been the recipient of the coveted Outstanding Product Line honor multiple times. Michel Design Works won Manufacturer of the Year as part of the Retail Excellence Awards through Gifts & Decorative Accessories, also placing first in numerous categories for the Reader Rankings.

Exceptional Quality

Expertly made with premium ingredients, our products are the result of decades spent dreaming up, testing, and producing only the very best in specialty foods and fine home living.

We’re strict about our standards for all we create. Just take our jams, the products that started it all: we specifically select high-quality varietals for our fruits (like Maine wild blueberries, which are much more expensive than cultivated blueberries, but are absolutely worth it for their unique flavor). We also use pure cane sugar in all of our jams rather than less expensive high fructose corn syrup. Plus, we sample every batch of fruit we receive because crop quality constantly changes. Our internal sampling committee only clears top-rated food items that pass higher-than-industry standards for taste.

This same dedication to excellence is guaranteed for our home products, which also undergo a rigorous testing process. Our poured-in-Maine candles feature hand-trimmed wicks and are evaluated for fragrance throw and burn time in both light and dark environments. Rest assured, each and every item is crafted with the highest level of quality in mind.

Craft-Batch Production

Every item we sell is as important to us as our very first jar of jam. By carefully crafting individual small batches of our sauces, spices, and more, we ensure quality and consistency so that you receive only our best in every bite. We even sample a jar from every single batch—we look for just-right color, texture, and flavor—to confirm it meets our standards. Although this step adds complexities to the process, we know this attention to detail results in a superior taste.

From gluten free spice blends and non-GMO pickled veggies to organic coffee slow-roasted using renewable energy, we’re committed to excellence in all that we do. That's why we make a point to seek out wholesome ingredients and incorporate sustainable practices.

Unique & Innovative Flavors & Fragrances

As enthusiastic food lovers, we’re always looking for new and exciting flavor combinations to share with you. While many of our recipes are timeless classics that we’ve perfected, some of our best-sellers are uniquely us: Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Roasted Garlic Onion Jam, and Maple Bacon Onion Jam, to name a few.

We’ve also honed our home goods assortment by putting both comfort and style first. For example, our luxurious fragrances from Village Candle and Stonewall Home are meticulously crafted using only the finest materials, ingredients, and oils, delivering uncompromising quality and artistry. Plus, we stay up-to-date on evolving interior trends, seasonal must-haves, and more. Just take our lineup from Michel Design Works—featuring distinctive designs and premium products, it offers a stunning blend of fashion and function for every home.

Premium Packaging

We feature original artwork and world class photography on many of our labels and signature boxes, as well as custom glass jars that boast our fleur-de-lis and logo. In keeping with our heritage, Co-Founder Jonathan King’s unique handwriting is prominently displayed on products, paying homage to a time when he would write every label himself. And for the holidays, our in-house design team illustrates new, exclusive festive packaging every year to add a personal New England touch.

The Company We Keep

We understand that buying from our brands says something about who you are as a person, which is why we only acquire brands with a commitment to quality and best practices. Boasting an array of products like scented candles, savory spreads, fragrant spices, and so much more, our full assortment features items that you can feel good about using in your daily life.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We hope our food fills your table with the sweetest memories while our home goods help create a cozy space for those who mean the most. As we continue to grow and cook up new, exciting ideas, the key ingredient to our success remains wonderful guests like you.