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Salmon Cakes

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Tangerine Marmalade

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Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce

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Mimosa Jam

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  1. For salmon cakes, mince salmon medium-fine and put in mixing bowl.
  2. Add breadcrumbs, Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce, Tangerine Marmalade or Mimosa Jam and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Add lightly beaten eggs and check for consistency. The salmon mixture should be a little moist but not too wet. Add more breadcrumbs if it is too moist.
  4. Form into 4-6 ounce patties for dinner size portions or into 2-ounce patties for appetizer portions.
  5. Heat vegetable oil in a shallow skillet and panfry on one side until golden brown. Turn patties over and continue cooking until other side is also golden brown. For appetizer portions, flip and cook for only 2 more minutes to prevent overcooking.
  6. For tangerine sauce, mix all ingredients together and allow to chill.