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‘Tis the season for overnight guests! Whether they come over the hills and through the dale or are arrive home from college, there is no reason not to welcome family and guests to your home by making sure they know how glad you are to have them visit and how much you want to make them comfortable. Take a peek around the guest room and make sure all is ready. Light bulbs all working? An extra blanket, fresh towels and toiletries available? Perhaps a night light and cozy slippers laid out?

Take a few minutes and think about what you would like to find should you be the one arriving for a visit. A clock is essential, perhaps a local magazine, favorite new best seller, a radio, chocolates for a late night sweet and a bottle of water are always welcome.

Most importantly leave a hand written note welcoming your guests and telling them how delighted you are to have them in your home. This simple gesture will make anyone feel welcomed and the visit a memory to cherish.