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Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce


O.K., we may have outdone ourselves with this one. First we carefully crafted a smooth, rich caramel sauce, added fresh pecan pieces and then just to put it over the edge, a hint of a smooth, barrel-aged bourbon. Voila! A dessert sauce to end all dessert sauces! Enjoy.

Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce
  • Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce
  • Item # 161081, 12.5 oz
  • $6.95

* available to purchase January 30, 2015.
  • Lusciously sweet and smooth
  • Spoon over pound cake, ice cream or use as a dip for fruit
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Gluten free
  • Made in USA
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Heavy Cream (milk), Corn Syrup, Pure Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, Roasted Pecans (pecans [tree nuts], cottonseed oil), Bourbon, Caramelized Sugar Syrup, Vanilla Extract, Lecithin (soy), Unrefined Sea Salt, Carrageenan (carrageenan, maltodextrin), Spices