How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa (Without Remodeling!)

May 15, 2024 York, Maine



How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa with These Essential Accessories

Of course, it‘d be wonderful to take a trip to a professional spa every day, but you can also achieve that feeling of deep relaxation and luxuriousness in your own bathroom. Better yet, the key to creating a home spa bathroom doesn’t necessitate expensive remodeling and fixtures—though a rain shower head doesn’t hurt. With the right spa bathroom accessories and simple décor changes, you can design a space where you can focus on self-care and step out of the bathroom feeling truly refreshed. Consider these eight easy spa bathroom ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa you can enjoy every day.

Clear Those Counters

Toothbrushes, hair ties, makeup wipes, that bottle of Advil—all necessary items for a functioning bathroom. But cluttered counters can lead to a cluttered mind. Spas tend to be minimalist, reducing visual clutter and stimulation to put full attention on relaxation. In your home spa bathroom, keeping your space tidy can mean all the difference. If possible, store these items in a linen closet or medicine cabinet, or invest in other attractive storage options.

Wicker baskets do a great job of disguising large items like hairdryers, brushes and cleaning supplies. Stash your cotton pads, cotton swabs and other small items in glass jars that look stylish on open shelving or counters. An elegant glass dish can be used for bar soap or to hold jewelry you remove before stepping into the shower.


Eucalyptus Mint bar soap placed on a glass soap dish with the same design pattern: blue, green and purple spade shaped leaves and foliage.



Make The Basics Luxurious

Because you use them every day, you may not realize the impact your bathroom basics have on your sense of relaxation. Think about the bathroom of the nicest hotel you’ve stayed in. Little details like coordinated soaps made with luscious ingredients enhance that feeling of being pampered. For your hotel inspired bathroom, swap out your old hand soaps and body washes for luxurious options formulated with premium ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera. Our classic Michel Design Works foaming hand soaps gently cleanse and leave your hands nourished and lightly fragranced. Our triple milled bath soap bars are silky smooth and long lasting. Upgrading your basics can go a long way in creating a spa like bathroom for yourself and any guests.

Treat Your Skin Like Royalty

Take the indulgence to another level by ensuring you have all the spa bathroom accessories you need to leave your skin feeling baby-soft. Follow up every hand wash with our ultra moisturizing shea butter hand cream.

While you bask in the shower, gently exfoliate using our Lavender Rosemary Body Scrub, carefully made with natural ingredients like beeswax and sugar to reveal soft, glowing skin. Then, soothe a moisturize with a rich body butter formulated with shea butter and coconut oil. Not only do these spa bathroom accessories nurture your skin, but they also encourage you to take a little extra time for yourself.


Lavender Scrub and Body Butter, Lemon Basil Foaming Hand Soap, and Almond Honey Bar Soap



Set the Mood For Relaxation With The Perfect Fragrance

Did you know that people can detect more than 10,000 different odors? Our sense of smell is directly connected to emotions, memories, and mood. Curating your home spa bathroom fragrance can set the stage for serenity and help build associations between your bathroom and relaxation so that every time you walk in, calm settles over you. Every person’s taste in scents will be different but here are our five favorite relaxing scents: '

Lavender Rosemary

Eucalyptus & Mint


Lemon Basil

Cotton & Linen


Home goods items from the Cotton & Linen Collection



Pro Tip: Coordinate your spa bathroom accessories for a truly curated feel. Shopping from a Michel Design Works collection makes this easy, where everything from the scent notes to the packaging is matched perfectly. Each collection features vintage-inspired art that ties all your spa bathroom accessories together for a cohesive design unique to your tastes.

Always Have Plush Towels on Hand

You can’t have a hotel inspired bathroom without plush towels. Look for towels made with high quality Turkish or Egyptian cotton for the softest and most absorbent post-bath experience. They make the end to every home spa bathroom episode cozy and have the added benefit of looking fabulous folded on open shelves or hung just so on towel racks.

Add Some Greenery

Bringing in elements of nature can help turn your bathroom into a spa, whether you prefer a vase of cut flowers on your counter or live plants. Even without a window in your bathroom you can still get a touch of green by choosing low-light plants like snake plants, ZZ plants or peace lilies. We love grabbing a bundle of fresh eucalyptus from the farmers’ market or grocery store and using a rubber band to hang it from the shower head. The hot steam will release fragrance oils from the eucalyptus leaves each time you shower, exuding a soothing scent. And if you prefer a low maintenance—aka no chance of killing it—faux plants are evergreen, just make sure to dust their leaves every so often.

Simple floral arrangements in clear glass vases

Choose Calming Colors & Lights

Much like scent, color can affect our moods. While color psychology is a relatively new science, some studies suggest that cool colors can reduce stress and promote calmness. From your choice of paint to your towels and other spa bathroom accessories, opt for light shades of green, blue, purple and grey. When in doubt, go for white to achieve a hotel inspired bathroom. Even your lightbulbs can contribute to your relaxation. Choosing natural, warm toned bulbs to enhance your home spa bathroom. Not only do they bring comfort, they’re also less of shock when you turn the lights on in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.

Of course, when creating a spa like bathroom, what matters most is how you feel. Follow the spa bathroom ideas that suit your personal sense of relaxation and don’t forget—sometimes you do need a trip to spa outside your home!

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