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Major Grey's Chutney


A true culinary classic

Major Grey's Chutney is considered by many the gold standard of all chutneys. Complete with its own legend of a 19th-century British Army officer (of the same name) who presumably lived in British India and created this unique condiment made of fruits, vegetables and spices. Using plenty of mangos, red peppers and a variety of seasoning and spices, we created our own delicious version of this timeless classic. Being both sweet and savory it pairs well with smoked meats or strong cheeses and tastes great added to dips, grilled chicken or your favorite vinaigrette recipe.

Major Grey's Chutney
  • Major Grey's Chutney
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Mango, Pure Cane Sugar, Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Apple, Red Wine Vinegar, Raisins, Brown Sugar, Candied Ginger, White Vinegar, Canola Oil, Lime Juice Concentrate, Curry Powder, Salt, Ground Ginger, Cayenne Pepper.

This is a beautiful major grey's chutney, and in fact the only one I buy. Not only is this delicious it's the only one on the market I can find without high fructose corn syrup. Complex, deep flavors that remain distinct and unmuddled.
J.Wolf, Derry, NH

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