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‘Tis the season for partying! Dinner, casual gatherings and lavish parties are all a festive part of this wonderful time of year. Most folks like to bring a small gift to the hosts to let them know you appreciate being invited and to recognize all the effort they put into hosting the event.

Wondering what to bring? Keeping an eye out for small gifts while traveling is fun and you can set them aside for when you want to bring something a little out of the ordinary. This strategy also works while you shop during the year. If you see something special that you know your friend or sister would love, or maybe see the perfect color hand towels for your aunt’s powder room, pick them up and tuck them in a basket for a ready-to-go hostess gift.

Gifts of food and wine are always great because they can be enjoyed during the holiday season. Hosts may appreciate something consumable; think fine chocolates or lovely paper cocktail napkins. Traditional gifts that are always in good taste include wine, candles and plants or flowers. Perhaps a holiday music CD or ornament for the tree would be appropriate, or you can always bring a jar of delicious decadence with our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce. We can guarantee you will be invited back!