5 Pride-worthy Rainbow Recipes

June 15, 2022 York, Maine

Here at Stonewall Kitchen, we love to let the rainbow flag fly all year round! Here are some of our current favorite rainbow inspired recipes.

Rainbow pancakes are a delightfully colorful way to kick off a festive day! These are easy to make, but they require some additional TLC. This is the perfect chance to recruit a team to help put it all together (and clean it all up!).

image of a stack of rainbow pancakes on a counter with whipped cream and sprinkles on top

Start with our fluffy Farmhouse Pancake and Waffle Mix to make a double batch of pancake batter. Portion the batter into small bowls and add food coloring a few drops at a time to create the colors. Fry them up as usual, keeping the early batches warm in a 200° oven. When it’s time to serve, stack them high and top with our Maine Maple Syrup, freshly whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles, of course!

An image of five rainbow kabobs on a plate with a package of the Citrus Pepper Veggie Roaster next to it

June calls for cookouts, and this grilled veggie and shrimp kabob is just right for a Summer supper. These are just as easy as they look! Collect your favorite colorful veggies and a pound of shrimp, toss them with oil and Urban Accents’ Citrus Pepper Veggie Roaster, thread onto skewers, and grill over indirect heat until everything is tender and caramelized and shrimp are pink and opaque. Our favorite kabob veggies are mini red and orange peppers, summer squash, jalapeno peppers, blue fingerling potatoes (be sure to boil these for 5 minutes before skewering!), and red onion. But you do you, Boo!

image of a bowl with salad in it, arranged to look like a rainbow and there is a hand with a small jar of dressing that is ready to pour over the dish

A big rainbow salad is a natural way to put some color on your table. For this salad, we made a bed of tender and crunchy greens (baby lettuce, arugula, and romaine), and topped it with a veggie of every color. Try these to make your salad bowl sing: cherry tomatoes, Pickled Carrots from Tillen Farms (these add a crunchy zing to anything!), roasted sweet potatoes (highly recommend the Sesame Garlic Veggie Roaster from Urban Accents here!), sliced bell peppers, chunks of avocado, blueberries, red cabbage, and of course bright pink pickled red onions! Top it all off with our Everything Dressing that combines oil and cider vinegar with a crunchy mix of Everything Bagel topping. Yum!

image of a glass of Pina Colada surrounded by small cocktail umbrellas, fruit kabobs, and a pineapple

Every summer soiree needs a fun beverage, and we’ve got you covered there, too. The NEW Stonewall Kitchen Pina Colada Mix will immediately put you on island time. It’s creamy and sweet and has just the right blend of sour pineapple and warm coconut. Blend it with ice and rum, or leave out the rum for a delicious mocktail. Use colorful fruit to make a skewered garnish. We liked strawberries, fresh apricots, mango, kiwi, blackberries, grapes, and dragonfruit.

image of homemade popsicles on a bed of ice surrounded by cut fruit

Cool treat alert: Rainbow Popsicles! I’m not gonna lie: these are a commitment, but look how CUTE! For these, you’ll need a popsicle mold, popsicle sticks, and a few days to let each layer freeze in between adding. For these we used Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Jam (red), Apricot Jam (orange), Key Lime Curd (yellow), and Wild Maine Blueberry Jam (purple). For green, we used a food processor to blend chunks of peeled kiwi into a puree. For blue, we mixed blue spirulina (available at health food stores or online) with plain yogurt. The trick for these cuties is to mix the jams and curd with water (half jam, half water) so that everything gets icy enough to freeze into one cohesive pop.

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Happy Pride Month, friends!