Get Creative for an Impactful Earth Day

April 15, 2022 York, Maine

As Earth Day approaches, we’ve been getting into the reduce-reuse-recycle mindset here at Stonewall Kitchen. From innovative processes to biodegradable packing peanuts (that also dissolve in water!) there are several ways we try to get creative while staying eco-friendly.

1. The Vermont Coffee Renewable Energy Process

a woman kneeling down handing two plants to another woman

Did you know that Vermont Coffee Company has a completely renewable energy process? In fact, it is one of the first coffee companies in the US to make the switch to 100% biogas, which is energy captured from methane runoff and converted into electricity. Local dairy farms and wind farms contribute the energy used to roast Vermont Coffee. In addition to this innovative process, the coffee beans themselves are always certified organic. Vermont Coffee Company has also contributed generously to charity organization Food 4 Farmers, which helps promote food security for coffee farmers in Mexico and parts of Central and South America.

2. DIY Plant Fertilizer

A wicker basket with five bags of Vermont Coffee Company coffee surrounded by flowers

Rather than throwing out those used up coffee grounds, you can make them do double duty by not only waking up your mind in the morning, but also bringing new life to your plants! Used coffee grounds make a fantastic fertilizer when added to the soil, as they are rich in nitrogen phosphorous and potassium. Just sprinkle used grounds on top of the soil and gently rake through to disperse. They will also help with drainage and water retention and may even keep certain pests away. I know my hydrangeas are partial to the Vermont Coffee Company Medium Blend! This is perfect for plants that love acidic environments, like hydrangeas, roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, and blueberry bushes will thrive. Be careful with seedlings and plants that are sensitive to caffeine. Sprinkle used grounds on top of the soil and gently rake through to disperse. They will also help with drainage and water retention and may even keep certain pests away.

3. Reuse Jam and Sauce Jars for Storage and Planters

Six jars filled with various things like floss, twine, and cotton swabs in a bathroom on a counter

Most Stonewall Kitchen jams, sauces and condiments are packaged in elegant glass jars, which can be recycled but are also great to reuse in many ways. Create a trendy pantry shelf by storing cooking staples, like flour, sugar, and pasta (preferably Montebello pasta!) in the large sauce jars. For a nice bathroom refresh, use those empties to store odds and ends like cotton swabs, hair ties and flossers. Label your goods with adhesive chalkboard stickers for a rustic look or leave blank if you prefer a minimal aesthetic. For more great ideas, check out our previous blog post Seven Ways to Reuse Our Jars.

4. Repurpose Candle Jars as Decoration

Five decorated jars on a counter containing flowers or candles

Our empty candle jars make great vases for petite flower bouquets! I like to purchase a few inexpensive bunches of flowers and decorative greens to create my own arrangements and liven up my home. Your flower displays will look fuller because the stems are trimmed shorter to fit the height of the jar, which allows the leaves and blooms to take center stage. You can also reuse the jars as small planters, as we demonstrate in the blog Repurposing Candle Jars.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on a rainy April afternoon, why not turn your empty jars into lanterns for the house or garden?

You will need:

  • Empty Stonewall Kitchen or Village Candle jars of your choice –Jam or dessert sauce jars would work great!
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative twine
  • Scissors
  • Tea lights


  • Decorative fire-resistant filler (stones, shells, sand, etc.)

Glue a tealight to the bottom center of the jar. Fill in the surrounding area with your decorative material if you have any. These are also great when kept simple without the filler. Cut the twine to the desired length and tie it around the mouth of the jar. Secure in place with hot glue when you’ve found the perfect placement. Place these lanterns wherever you would like to add a little illumination!

If you haven’t already, it’s great time to start thinking about what you can do to reduce your footprint. Follow @stonewallkitchen for more tips and fun facts this Earth Week and be sure to tag us if you share your own creative re-uses for jars and coffee grounds!

Amy DeNuzzio Marketing Specialist

Amy joined the Stonewall Kitchen Family of Brands marketing team in the Summer of 2021. A condiment enthusiast, you will never find her plate without a blob of jam, slather of mustard or dollop of chutney. When she’s not sampling all the tasty toppings Stonewall has to offer, you can find Amy and her husband walking their two Australian Cattle dogs on the beach or testing out new plant-based recipes.