Repurposing Candle Jars

April 22, 2021 York, Maine

We’ve all been burning more candles since spending more time at home, and I’m sure those empty candle jars are starting to pile up. Lately, I’ve been loving our Dragonfly Candle from the new Village Candle Gardener’s Friends Collection! It smells like freshly picked lilacs and is a great way to kick off spring before my gardens start to bloom.

Buzzing with beautiful floral fragrances, the Gardener’s Friends Collection is perfect for everyone with (and without) a green thumb! Now what to do with all of these empty candle jars? Here is an easy way to repurpose your empty containers as indoor house planters:

  1. First gather a few items: planting soil, gardening gloves, water, a small trowel or cup, empty candle jars and your favorite small indoor plants. Lay all of your materials out on a table — I recommend also putting down a piece of newspaper for easy cleanup!

  2. Either leave the label on the candle jar if you love it or peel it off. If you decide to remove the label, you could even paint or decorate your jar.
  3. Take your jar and scoop in some soil. Place your plant in the jar and then place some more soil on top.

  4. Lastly, water your plant and place it in a sunny spot where you can watch it grow. Whether it’s an herb for your kitchen, a succulent for your desk or a pet-safe spider plant, it’s a great piece of décor that’ll add a touch of green to your home!

We can’t wait to see how you’re going to repurpose your empty candle jars. Here are a few more fun ideas: use them to store pencils or pens, organize cotton rounds or swabs or act as a vase for a bouquet of flowers. Share with us how you’re repurposing your jars by tagging @VillageCandle or @StonewallKitchen on Instagram!