Seven Ways to Reuse our Jars

March 22, 2019 York, Maine

Ok, so you finished all your favorite Stonewall Kitchen products and have the empty glass jars on the counter. You have two options: 1) recycle or 2) reuse. We did a little in-house survey on what Stonewall Kitchen employees do with their jars post-delicious meal and here’s what we came up with…

Beauty Container

Our dessert sauce jars are the perfect organizers for all of those beauty and bathroom accessories. Give your bathroom a nice clean look with glass jars on your shelves filled with hair elastics and bobby pins (you know, those things you buy TONS of and then lose within two weeks)! You can even fill the jars up with cotton balls and Q-tips! These jars will fit in any bathroom design.

Tea Light Holder

Tea lights create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether you love just having candles around your home, use them as center pieces for a dinner party or need a touch of light at your wedding, you can’t go wrong with candles! Our jam jars are great vessels for tea lights. They are perfect size for any table and adds just the right amount of light.

Salad Dressing Container

If you make homemade dressings or condiments, our mini jars (the 3.75 oz. ones) are perfect for storage. Our team here love these for packing lunches! I personally use these jars for when I want to gift my homemade dressings to others. Pour your creation into the jar, twist the cap on and wrap it with some twine and voila! It’s a simple yet elegant presentation to give to your friends and family.

Soup Container

Whether you’ve made a chili, Gazpacho or anything in between, our pasta sauce jars are really great for meal preps at the beginning of the week, Make a big batch of your favorite soup, pour it in your empty Stonewall Kitchen Marinara Sauce jar and store it in the fridge. All you need to do the next morning is pull the jar out of the fridge and into your lunchbox and you’re ready to head to work!

Succulent Planter

For all you green thumbs who love to add a bit of nature in your environments. You can use your salsa jar as a succulent planter for your home, as a gift or to add some color to your office! Pick out your favorite succulents, clean and dry your empty salsa jar and add a layer of tiny stones/gravel on the bottom of the glass. Place a layer of mixed soil and root your succulent in the soil. You can add rock or sand on top of the soil for visual and place your creation near sunlight!

Office Supply Container

Our spread jars, like our White Fig Spread, are the perfect organizer for your office supplies. Replace buying new holders for your scissors, pens and pencils with your empty spread jar and use that instead!

Drink Glass

I use my Stonewall Kitchen Salsa jars all the time to stock up on drink glasses. I actually have one sitting at my desk for my water glass! Stay in-style by using these jars for your favorite beverages. They’re great for margaritas, sangria, bourbon over ice or even for a fun mocktail. Cheers!

March and April are months focused on promoting zero waste by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. So before recycling your Stonewall Kitchen jars, think about how you can reuse them to create a little less waste!

Margaux Maertens Communications Specialist

Margaux joined the Stonewall Kitchen family two years ago as the Events and Marketing Coordinator for Stonewall Kitchen where she flipped pancakes at the annual Pancake Breakfast and decorated pumpkins during the Halloween festivities! Margaux became Stonewall Kitchen’s Communications Specialist in February of 2018 and is loving every minute of it.