Our Friend Philosophy

Vermont Coffee Company started with the simple desire to share great coffee with the best of friends. Today, Coffee Roasted for Friends® is more than a slogan—it's our mission and how we do business.

Friend to the Customer

We source high-quality, non-GMO, certified-organic arabica coffee from the great coffee producing regions of the Americas and Asia. The big, bold flavor of these blends continues to unite a tight-knit community of farmers, retailers and customers.

Coffee in Costa Rica

Friend to the Farmer

Most of the world’s coffee-farming families are food insecure because coffee income is not enough to provide healthy food year-round. Food 4 Farmers works with coffee cooperatives in Latin America to address the root causes of food insecurity and build community-led solutions.

Our partnership with Food 4 Farmers directly supports their Home Gardens Program, which provides coffee-farming communities with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to access and grow nutritious food every day.

Friend to the Community

Vermont Coffee Company supports our community with monetary and coffee donations to organizations working to address food- and shelter-related challenges. Vermont Coffee Company is proud to support:

Friend to the Planet

Vermont Coffee Company is committed to powering our facility and roasting coffee with 100% renewable bioenergy. How does it work? The electricity comes from local dairy farms that operate anaerobic digesters to extract methane gas from cow manure and convert it into electricity (known locally as “cow power”). The biogas used in roasting is generated by the anaerobic digestion of organics at farm digesters, waste treatment plants and landfills.