Behind The Scents

Inspired By Everything

From the familiar things we love and can’t get enough of, to the thrill of new and addictive surprises that take you to unexpected places, we’re inspired by absolutely everything. We’re also lucky to enough live in Maine, so inspiration is never far. Our community of artists and fragrance makers thrive on the coastal, creative and genuine vibe that surrounds us.

Fragrance Is Our Artform

Village Candle strives to craft the best fragranced candles with uncompromising quality, innovation and artistry. Our crafting and blending process is thoughtful and comprehensive, as we partner with the best perfumers in the world to achieve our vision for uniqueness.

We meticulously mix and master our fragrances, using the finest raw materials, premium ingredients, and oils. Obsessed with the details we’re always creating, recreating and tweaking our fragrances and blend until we achieve the very best experience. The process often takes months, but the end result is so worth it.

Designed For Performance

Our passion for perfection and the best fragrance experience led us to a true candle innovation, our Dual Wick Technology. Pioneered by Village, this unique design offers two wicks instead of one to ensure a cleaner, more efficient burn, as well as a superior fragrance experience.

Village Candle Anatomy

Quality Difference

Village Candle’s philosophy promises a superior fragrance experience. The Village team seeks and sources the finest ingredients, while partnering with fragrance artists who share the same passion for quality, creative boldness, and bring illuminating innovation to the craft.

Each candle is crafted with food grade paraffin wax or a soy-paraffin wax blend. While our fragrances are a blend of the finest ingredients, pure essential oils, and plant extracts from around the world.

Village Candles are proudly produced in America, artfully crafted for each and every consumer – maintaining the highest quality standards. It’s what’s inside that makes the difference and brings a clean, true-to-life long-lasting fragrance experience.

Scents For All The Senses

Our collection has grown to invite and include fragrance lovers from all over the world. Your support and generous sharing have only inspired us to do more, and to deepen our commitment to creating fragrance experiences that are joyful, memorable, and inspire.

Living, breathing fragrances for your every emotion, every adventure, memories to be awakened, and new memories yet to be made.