A Maine Tradition: Maine Maple Sunday

March 17, 2023 York, Maine

Every year on the fourth Sunday in March one of my favorite annual Maine traditions happens - Maine Maple Sunday. As the snow starts to melt and you see buckets hanging on trees in your neighborhood, you know that this maple-themed weekend is right around the corner and this year Maine maple producers are celebrating the 40th Annual Maine Maple Sunday.

For any of you wondering what Maine Maple Sunday is, let me give you a little insight. On this weekend many Maine maple producers around the state of Maine open the doors to their sugar shacks and welcome the public to visit, learn about the process, try sweet treats and some even serve a classic pancake breakfast!

Though there still may be some snow on the ground and a chill in the air, I love getting outside and experiencing all that Maine has to offer. A quick tip to make your Maple Syrup Sunday successful – make sure to dress accordingly for the weather and wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Once I’ve done some research and picked the sugar shacks I’d like to visit, I map out my route. It’s always great to have a few back-up options in case one is too busy.

A side-by-side-by-side image of a maple shack. The left image is of jars of fresh maple syrup on a wooden shelf, the middle image is a far off shot of a maple shack in the winter on a sunny day, and the right image of some maple memorabilia on a shelf inside the shack.

One of my favorite things about visiting various sugar shacks is trying all the different types of goodies they have to offer (so make sure to go hungry). You can find everything from funnel cake to pancakes to cotton candy to ice cream – and there’s nothing better than warm maple syrup on cold vanilla bean ice cream!

Not local to Maine and wishing that you could try some maple-infused treats? You’re in luck, we have some great recipes to try using our Maine Maple Syrup and Pure Maple Cream. Here are some of my go-tos:

I love making homemade granola to have on yogurt and use in parfaits and our Maple Quinoa Granola is one of my favorite recipes. This recipe uses maple syrup to sweeten and bind some of the ingredients together, creating those yummy granola clusters. Though you can use any mixed nuts you’d like, my favorites are raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds and almonds.

Embrace the winter weather we still having here in New England and try Maple on Snow, whether you’re drizzling it on shaved ice to create a maple snow cone or freezing it on snow for a taffy effect – it’s delightfully sweet and also a fun activity to do with kids.

An image of a small glass bowl filled with maple syrup-covered snow on a white tablecloth.

Though traditionally many of us use maple syrup during breakfast on pancakes and waffles, I’m someone who enjoys a savory breakfast and loves waffles drizzled in maple syrup for dinner. As you’re planning your weekly meals, a great way to use your maple syrup is by incorporating it into your desserts. Use our Pure Maple Cream to make crème brulee or Maine Maple Syrup to make sugar cookies or our Organic Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup to make eclairs (yum!).


If you’re local to Maine or New England, I hope you have the opportunity to experience Maine Maple Sunday. Here’s a great resource to find a sugar shack to visit this March! https://mainemapleproducers.com/events/maine-maple-weekend/#!directory/map

Not local? We’d love to see how you’re recreating Maine Maple Sunday at your house! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook as you try out these recipes.

Sarah Nystrom Digital Marketing Manager at Stonewall Kitchen

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